Registered Ship and Yacht Broker

The Maritime Broker or Yacht Broker is a professional who is regularly enrolled in the relevant category, which, acting in a state of absolute impartiality and impartiality, promotes negotiations between the parties during the purchase, sale and employment of a recreational unit. It also undertakes to follow all aspects of the drafting of the contract, following the various stages of its implementation and devotes any discrepancies in its interpretation so that the parties reach an agreement (SBN has drawn up a sales contract that leaves no space to interpretations where each aspect of trading dynamics was evaluated). The Ombudsman's activity is primarily based on trust, the Ombudsman deals verbally with millions of euros without anyone questioning his word, the English "masters" say "My word, my bond" ("My word, my guarantee "). His role is generally to meet demand and offer and to suggest deals for the sale. The broker assists who want to sell their boat by promoting it through traditional web and print channels and through other custom marketing actions Contact us here to find out the Exclusive and Exclusive Plus mandates designed by Seadreams Brokerage Network to link to "here" at the "Contact" page

Two are the stages of the sale: the first is the one that develops as a result of the manifestation of interest and in which the broker signs a purchase option which also specifies the clauses to be respected in order to purchase the unit definition and payment methods. In this first step, a non-interest-bearing deposit (10-20% of the value of the recreational unit) is also paid into the hands of the broker, which will be returned in the event of non-acceptance of the offer or failure of the checks and will be considered as a down payment price agreed upon successful completion of the sale (positive outcome of the checks).

The second phase takes place upon agreement and sale made and executed, and involves the transfer of the rights to the unit of the new owner and the payment normally occurring for the security of all parties involved through Deposit Account or Escrow Account (Link to the Account text Deposits) or through circular checks in the case of national transactions.

The broker is entitled to commission from each of the parties if the deal is concluded due to his intervention (Article 1755 of the Civil Code); the deal is deemed to have been concluded at the acceptance of the unit, at which time commissions are paid (Article 1757 of the Italian Civil Code). The Maritime Ombudsman must observe confidentiality towards third parties (with respect to the professional secrecy provided for in Article 1759 of the Italian Civil Code), who are outside the negotiation process while providing the best information to the parties involved in the negotiations, according to the ethical principles of impartiality and impartiality .

The Ombudsman also plays the role of a "bidding" / "personal consultant for the purchase": his job is to search for the boat that meets the needs of the customer and, once found, assist him in the negotiation, in the verifications related to experts and in the payment and transfer phase of ownership. Discover the exclusive Personal Broker service created by Seadreams Brokerage Network (link to the Personal Broker page).

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