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All yachts with one of these labels are in CENTRAL AGENCY, and have been verified, evaluated and described directly by the Seadreams Brokerage Network Consultant who personally verified the boat. In the specs all the data of the boat are listed in detail (including services and upgrades) with a large photo-shoot and video in full HD. The informations are 100% certified, with no risk of having unpleasant surprises at the time of the visit!
Be wary of any listing of these boats and related information given by unauthorized advertisers.

EXCLUSIVE Yachts in exclusive sales, evaluated through a thorough market analysis, all documented by an evaluation report. These boats have a very large photo shooting and video of the visit on board.

APPROVED In addition to the protocol for the EXCLUSIVE YACHT, have also passed a detailed verification procedure, check of all equipments on board and of the aesthetic conditions (on average 250 controls), where possible even with sea trials (if indicated). In fact, if the boat has defects, that list is available on request and the market price has been estimated in accordance with any work to do.

GUARANTEED Yachts sold with legal warranty.

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