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We have been working in this field for more than 30 years with dedication and competence. We love what we do, we are passionate and curious. The members of our team have grown professionally in companies representing the reference brands of the world market (English, Italian, American and Spanish). This allows us to have a "specialist" for each brand.

We can have a global vision on the whole correlation process between people and boats both in the case of interested in new or used . In all these years we have dealt with international millionaires as with enthusiasts who, even with a little more effort, have realized their dream. We are curious, we get what others do not see, we know boats like the palm of our hands and we treat them all as if they were ours . D where others see customers, we see people. And where the others have a product , we see your boat. Our passion for this profession leads us to listen attentively to identify ourselves with you and to live this always exciting experience as if it were the first time. You we help to reach your dreams as if they were ours with the difference that we have already done it millions of times, so we will avoid the "knees" that we have already taken. We are always present by your side whenever you need it until delivery and beyond, always giving you the key to solve any problem and make your life "nautical" as pleasant as possible. Our goal is not only sales but Relati and trust that lasts.

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